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Oct 21, 2012 by

Welcome to the third issue of Start the Story Magazine, and as you’ll notice, things have changed around these parts.

Following discussions with our subscribers we’ve decided to ditch the PDF magazine layout we used for the first two issues, and are instead making all content available online as web pages. This allows us to be much more flexible and means articles can be as long as they need to be without the constraints of a PDF page size.

It also means we can embed video, link to other pages and files, and generally make the whole thing much easier to navigate. Now, if you want to find a lesson plan just use the search box or click on the lesson plan category in the menu. No more scrolling through PDF files to find what you’re looking for.

Each page also have a Print Friendly button at the bottom which allows you to print the article out. You can cut out parts you don’t need and remove images, too, meaning you’ll save on printing costs, too.

Even more excitingly, this new format allows us to produce more regular updates. As well as the articles going live today (see list below) we’ll be adding more over the coming weeks. We’ll be doing one big update each month, with mini-updates ongoing all the time, so subscribers will be getting more than ever before.

What’s more, because updating online takes up less time, we’re dropping the cost of subscription from £36 a year to just £24, so subscribers will now be getting more for less! Convinced? Sign up now and get access to all our content today!

What’s in Issue 3:

Our third issue is out just in time for Halloween, so it’s packed with suitably scary reviews and writing activities. We’re always looking ahead, though, and this issue comes with an incredible free gift – a pantomime script written by Tommy Donbavand which schools are free to use and adapt as they see fit. Tommy also provides loads of information on staging the perfect panto, so if you’re looking for a class or whole school project for this Christmas, you can find it here.

Here’s the full round up of what’s in our third issue…

Featured Book Review: Blood House by David Gatward

Blood House Lesson Plan

Six Scary Story Starters

Six of the Best Horror Series

Face the Fear

Using Sound in Horror Writing

Interview with David Gatward

Interview with Jon Mayhew

Creative Top Trumps

Panto is for Life (with free Aladdin panto script)

Aladdin – Music

Aladdin – Scenery & Props

Aladdin – Costumes



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