Six scary story starters!

Oct 19, 2012 by

It’s the time of year when witches roam, vampires lurk, and teachers look for creative writing inspiration in the macabre.  Pupils LOVE getting their fangs into terrifying tales, so here are six spooky starting sentences to get their juices flowing.

I stumbled into the bathroom and stared in horror at my reflection in the mirror.  I usually looked dreadful first thing in the morning, but today it was worse than usual.  Somehow, during the night, I had transformed into a…

Lily looked up at the creature.  Had it really spoken to her, or could she still be dreaming.  No, this wasn’t a dream – this was a living nightmare.  And the monster was opening it’s slavering mouth to speak again.  It said…


There was blood everywhere!  I checked my body and was relieved to discover that it wasn’t my own blood although, in a way, that made things worse.  That meant the blood had come from…


Jack crouched in the darkened alley, the makeshift weapon clutched in his trembling.  Then, suddenly, there it was – the thing that had started all of this.  He knew what he had to do…


I pressed the button on the remote again and again, but it was no use.  The TV just wouldn’t turn off.  And there was the face on the screen again, crying out to me.  The face of…


The hand burst up out of the soil, fingers twitching as they touched fresh air again for the first time in decades.  He was back and, this time, he was determined to…

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  1. these were really good you should post more!!!!

  2. Thank you this really helped x

  3. toothless fan

    cool very in tresting

  4. Niyah

    I am writing a horror story for english and the one where it says the tv wouldn’t turn of was amazing for my story thank you very much.

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