Lesson Plan: Blood House

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Objective: To write a scary action scene.

Pupil outcome: A prequel chapter detailing events before those in Blood House.

Success criteria: Pupils will include suitable scary vocabulary.

At the beginning of Blood House, the main character, Trevor, is in a psychiatric hospital claiming his parents and little sister were brutally murdered by their own house which came alive and tore them to pieces.

We never see this attack, although we do see a similar attack when the hospital itself comes to life and begins killing doctors and patients alike. For this exercise, pupils will write about the original attack in which Trev’s family is murdered.

Focused activities.

1. (5 mins) Pupils decide on the point of view for their story. Will it be told in third person perspective like the book, or told in first person from the point of view of Trev or one of the members of his family?

2. (5 mins) Decide what each member of the family was doing when the house attacked. Were they together or in different rooms? Awake or asleep?

3. (10 mins) Plot the scene where the house attacks. Decide who dies first and how. Remember that Trev must escape (how? It’s up to you) but that the rest of the family will be meeting a messy end.

4. (20 mins) Write the scene. Make it as scary as possible (see here for a useful tip) and be as descriptively gory as you can. Make the reader feel like they’re right there in the scene.


Allow pupils to share their writing by reading them out ghost-story style. If you’re class are a hardy bunch, close the curtains and turn off some lights to create a spooky atmosphere.

Additional suggestions.

  • What if Trevor really was insane and carried out the murders himself? Write that scene instead of the one above.
  • At the end of the story Trev is transformed into a “Shepherd” – a mysterious group dedicated to eradicating killer buildings. Draw the ultimate Shepherd uniform, complete with a house-slaying arsenal.
  • How would you react if your own house came alive? Write a survival plan detailing your escape plan and survival techniques.
  • Write the scene above, but this time from the point of view of the house itself.



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