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Costumes can be expensive to buy – which is why making your own is always a good idea.  The overall look for the show is ancient Chinese – which can be achieved by wearing oversized, adult shirts with the collars cut off and plain leggings.  Search online for examples of Chinese writing, then draw a symbol onto each shirt with bright fabric paint to customise the shirts.  These costumes will be ideal for the townspeople and dancers.

Aladdin usually wears a colourful waistcoat and baggy trousers with his shirt.  You can make the waistcoat by removing the sleeves from a bright t-shirt, then cutting it open at the front.  Make the trousers by taking a long skirt and sewing a line up the centre – to about two-thirds of the way to the waistband, making the two separate sections that act as trouser legs.

As Aladdin comes from a poor family, stitch some large, colourful patches onto his costume.  To show the change in lifestyle when he becomes a Prince, make a similar costume, but this time cover it with sequins and gold braid.

Make Wishee Washee and Abanazer’s costumes in the same way, choosing suitable colours and patterns.  If you can, make Abanazer a long cape from dark or black material so that he can dramatically sweep it aside when he walks!

For the Genie, Slave of the Ring and the servants, choose lighter materials and add plenty of sequins to catch the light.  Large blue shirts with toy Sherriff’s badges pinned to the front will work for Nee and Naw, the police officers.

Finally, make Widow Twankey’s costume as bright and gaudy as possible!  Layer skirts over the top of each other to give a bustle effect and, if you can get one, a ridiculous wig will complete the look.

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