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Jun 29, 2012 by

Issue one of Start the Story is out now! It’s a proud moment sending our new baby out into the world, and we’d love to hear what you think. What do you like about the issue, and what do you think could be improved? We’re determined to make the magazine the absolute best it can be, so if you have any comments or suggestions, email them to us via our contact page.

But enough of that. Here’s what you’ll find in this free first issue:

  • ┬áInterview with Blue Peter Award winning author, Ali Sparkes.
  • Five Tips for Creating Characters your readers will love.
  • Get your pupils plotting with a story “treasure map”.
  • Like “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”? We’ve chosen some more you’ll enjoy.
  • Six of the best crime stories for kids.
  • Five pages of printable pupil worksheets.
  • A review of Andy Briggs’ “Warrior Number One” plus accompanying lesson plan.
  • Plus more reviews, our graphic novel round-up, competitions, story triggers, a homework exercise and more!

So what are you reading all this for? Choose your download link below and get started.

To view in your browser left-click the links. To download to your computer right-click and select “Save Target As…”

Issue one – full colour PDF.

Issue one – printer friendly format (no images)

Pupil workbook – printable Word format (greyscale images)

Print pagePDF pageEmail page

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  1. Jakschool

    Love the fact that you have done it in different formats for easy readability or printing. Loving the content and will tell all colleagues about it. Then they will have to share out who does which activity with which year group!,

    • Barry

      Thanks, JAK! Let us know how you get on! We’ll actually be replacing the print friendly PDF with print friendly Word docs in the future, meaning schools can edit, crop, change font size, etc to suit their needs.

  2. urmston

    As an independent bookseller who takes lots of authors into schools I have seen first hand the impact these visits can have on the day and for a long time afterwards!

  3. Lou

    Excellent! As someone who’s been confronted with exactly the sea of terrifying younger-than-I’m-used-to kids, it’s great that you’re adding in material for how to deal with that from a visiting author’s point of view – I did making up superheroes in the end, but I like that you got them telling whole stories. Nice!

  4. richanx

    Just got round to reading issue 1 (I only read in the sunshine). Brilliant stuff, it’s going to cost me a lot in either bookshops or bus tickets to the library!

    • Barry

      Glad you liked it, thanks for letting us know! Your wallet will be begging for mercy once you see the book list for issue 2…

  5. librarian

    thoroughly enjoyed reading issue one – just a little concerned about printing it out for the school library (I feel a hard copy it would be better read than saved online)Anyway, good luck and hope I can contribute in some way in the near future or our pupils.

    • Barry

      Thanks for the feedback. Hard copies are definitely something we’re looking into, but until we’ve built up a bit more of a subscriber base we’ll be digital only as all costs come out of our own pocket! Along with each issue we provide a print-friendly version which can be printed off in B&W. In all honesty, the first print friendly version was knocked out quite quickly, but future versions will be much easier on the eye with a couple of smaller greyscale images remaining intact to liven it up a bit.

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